Nix Venture Partners Corporate Identity

Building Trust and Confidence

Real Estate start-up company Nix Venture Partners needed to launch a corporate identity program that allowed its potential clientele to quickly think of the company as a capable business partner. During a tumultuous time in the real estate business in the company’s core market (Florida) and around the country, it was critically important to design a company identity that offered a level of trust. The multi-color logo and corporate identity package created by Colloredo & Associates allowed Nix Venture Partners to confidently present their company capabilities to high stakes corporate prospects.

The letterhead, business card and envelopes were printed on highest quality paper. The owner requested that the business cards be put on the “heaviest card stock you can find.” He liked the ability of the card to show strength and perseverance. Colloredo & Associates specified the paper to provide the weight he wanted, plus the texture and finish needed to convey professionalism and success.

Today, Nix Venture Partners is among the most active and financially stable real estate investment companies in the South.