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Miami Nurse Practitioner Iani Silveira Innovates Non-Surgical Brazilian Butt Lift.

Bella Vida Aesthetics home page.

The incredible growth of aesthetics like injectable toxins and fillers, facials, plastic surgery and more now has an even more potential thanks to an innovative treatment option known as the Instant BBL by Bella Vida Aesthetics in Miami, Florida. 

Recently, Colloredo & Associates launched a new website featuring the practice led by Miami BBL expert, Iani Silveira, MSN, FNP-BC, CPN. Inside, prospective patients are introduced to a variety of medical aesthetic treatment options for the face and body. Butt (get it?), the most compelling of treatment option deals with enhancing how people are perceived from behind. And it’s becoming wildly popular.

Silveira is now training injectors across the United States on her new technique. This year alone, she has trained over 50 injectors. The process involves using Radiesse®, a filler produced by Merz Aesthetics that is highly suitable for volume. For butts, that’s the name of the game.

Clients who have undergone the treatment have reported more fullness, shape and comfort. And with that, more confidence.

The practice also prides itself on providing a “concierge” approach to medical aesethetics. More than a MedSpa, it’s a “we’ll even come to you” approach. Recently, the practice announced the addition of IV Therapy to the many things the practice does to help clients look better, achieve more confidence and feel better!

Colloredo is proud to partner with this incredibly talented and capable group of aesthetic professionals.