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New Knoxville Area MedSpa Ready to Flourish!

Screen grab of the home page for Culture Aesthetics and Wellness in Knoxville, Tennessee.

It’s not often that a new business can open their doors one day, create a social post and brace for the incredible influx of clients to come through the door. Well, that’s exactly what happened when Culture Aesthetics & Wellness, led by Erica Oakes, RN, CANS and Practice Manager Leila Beyer started their business in July of 2022.

Soon, the pair would turn to Colloredo & Associates to create a comprehensive web presence, social media program and internal marketing to help bring their business to the forefront of the minds (and foreheads) of the Knoxville and Farragut area.

Erica is a master cosmetic injector with an incredible following. It is with this spirit that she built a vision of a one-stop location for all things non-surgical aesthetics. She knew people would come as she has a knack for relationships and her skillful hands provide the very best in natural beauty for thousands of local residents.

The first step by Colloredo was to build new business cards and internal print materials for price list and menu of services. The items were a hit at the MedSpa’s grand opening celebration. While it was hot outside, many got to experience the beautiful and comfortable setting inside and witness some of the more innovative treatment options available including the state-of-the-art Morphius8 Laser Skin Resurfacing technology.

Soon, Colloredo would launch their new website. This 35-page site would describe in detail treatments offered at the practice, how they work, risks and expected results. It also provides written biographies on each of the injectors and aestheticians.

“The real intent of marketing for a business like Culture Aesthetics & Wellness is to reduce fear among potential clients,” explains Bob Colloredo, President of Colloredo & Associates. “Our goal always is to attract visitors to the website through Search Engine Optimization, Google ads, social media, etc. But, once there, we provide the warm, nurturing and informative environment that is on par with the practice but accurately described on the website. That helps reduce fear and thus, enable that next step to engage with the practice through our many tools, such as, phone, book appointment and visit social sites. By reducing fear, we can exponentially build an audience and further, attract new clients.”

Now that the new site is up and running, the work doesn’t stop there. Colloredo will turn its sites on Search Engine Optimization in order to gradually fulfill their ongoing mission to increase visitors through organic searches with Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more.

“I like to think that our websites are ready to run up the rankings with Google once launched,” continues Colloredo. “And there is some truth to that. But, if we can continue to optimize, add content frequently, promote events and pay close attention to web citations and the importance they bring, then we can watch a good site become great. And we can be part of a flourishing medical aesthetics practice. A part of a Culture of helping people look and feel their very natural best.”