LASIK Marketing Testimonial Video

If you are a physician marketing your Ophthalmology practice or any other practice, one of the challenges is creating a trust with patients who are considering a life-changing procedure. It’s a big deal and a big decision. Once your patient is in front of you, trust is much easier. But, in medical marketing, we know that trust in the eyes of the general public, is a tough nut to crack. That’s why we interject videos like these throughout our marketing programs. They are simple, affordable and project a degree of trust and first class patient care that is difficult sometimes to cultivate in the public. Any social marketing program for medical-related procedures like Ophthalmology Marketing or Plastics, Dermatology or Dentistry, it is critically important to broadcast a degree of the patient experience that each benefactor of your procedures would get. Whether your marketing program is medical, legal, automotive, industrial, or any type of retail, consider patient testimonials. They build a trust that you as a marketer can always use a boost. You can view this video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsX5hNaw7qo. Special thanks to Wayne Bowman and Jay Smith, my crazy-talented team!

Campbell Cunningham Laser Center Newsletter

The “Win-Win” Of An Educated Patient LASIK surgery is not something people take lightly. Often, the decision process can take months or even years. Campbell Cunningham Laser Center understands this. Colloredo and Associates has worked with CCLC to create an integrated marketing strategy based around patient education. We’ve learned that the more patients understand about LASIK, the more likely they are to come to us. It’s a situation that’s a “win-win” both for patients and the CCLC practice:  The more people understand about the procedure, the more comfortable they are in making their decision to go ahead with LASIK. And as patients understand more about LASIK, the practice is better able to understand their needs and provide exceptional treatment. Our newsletter program is a key element in this process. It’s impossible to explain everything about LASIK in an ad, so patients, once they inquire, can be placed on our newsletter distribution. The newsletters address different issues regarding LASIK in a news format, providing clear information that increases patient understanding (print is also especially good for reaching older patients).  We also refer patients to a comprehensive website to provide even more detail. The integrated education process helps each patient, whatever his or her decision, and it has improved the practice’s conversion rate significantly.  

Ophthalmology Website for Drs. Campbell, Cunningham, Taylor & Haun

A Website Design That Integrated All Aspects Of The Practice Drs. Campbell, Cunningham, Taylor & Haun is one of the oldest opthamology practices in East Tennessee. For generations, the practice has been known for its patient care–and its willingness to invest in new technologies to keep the firm at the top of the profession. Colloredo & Associates was asked to help convey this message through a brand new website. Our comprehensive redesign helped CCTH accomplish several objectives to maintain its position as a premier eye care provider. The practice was the first in its area to have a website and it quickly became evident that persons of all ages responded to the readily-available information online. So, as the practice grew and website capabilities grew, the website for the practice grew. Since this expansion occurred over a number of years, site organization wasn’t optimal for viewers or for search engines.  A redesigned that integrated all aspects of the practice and new online technology was needed. Today, the website has many features that help in patient recruitment and patient experience, including: • A patient Portal for online management of patients’ information and appointment requests. • Educational Videos to help patients and prospective patients better understand their condition. • Detailed information on the practice’s general disease management, retina specialty, LASIK center, general surgery center, optical shop and cosmetic procedures. • Interactive location maps complete with directions and photos of the buildings. • Highly active Blog/News section. • Social Sharing • Resumes and stories of each of 9 doctors. […]

Integrated Ophthalmology Marketing Program—Drs. CCT&H

Integrated Marketing generally means all elements of communications are working together. On the surface, all the words, graphics, design, mood, vibe, everything are working in a clear, concise and consistent voice. It’s common sense. But, for marketing, it’s not easy. Generally, if you’re message is not consistent, the trust you have built in the market through hard work is diminished. And trust is a difficult thing to earn. Colloredo & Associates uses an integrated marketing approach in everything we do. For Drs. Campbell, Cunningham, Taylor & Haun, that means that we’re assembling the messages of some 6 different marketing entities, in multiple market platforms and consistently branding each and every message. Our Ophthalmology websites, our Ophthalmology brochures, our Ophthalmology radio, television, newspaper and billboards are all working together. They are all telling the same story, just in a different medium. The result is a successful, cohesive program. Built for patient recruitment.

Modern Solution Direct Mail Campaign

Personalized Images And Messages Drive Response Modern Solution developed a highly sophisticated program to identify Lifestage Buckets within a pre-determined demographic. Simply put, they were able to secure direct mail lists of persons who had a tendency to purchase certain goods and services based on their stage in life (age, income, geographic location, etc.) A new printing technique allowed Modern Solution to turn this information to an incredible patient recruitment tool for Ophthalmologists, Dentists, Dermatologists and, yes, Plastic Surgeons. Even with a carefully defined mailing list, the demographics and psychographics of the recipients will vary substantially. But there are now ways to further personalize the messages you send to prospects–and in doing so, make your audience more likely to respond. Variable Data Printing is a new technique involving custom printing whereby every single impression is different. Varying data can include individual messages, such as name, personal interest (i.e., golf, travel, leisure activities), subject and more. Every card is unique. For example, a mailer directed to a female recipient may include a visual and message about where the recipient lives, what sports they enjoy and even have their name included in the headline. The same mailer directed to a male might feature an outdoor scene for hunting or fishing. The individual more closely identifies with the product. This technique used for Modern Solution Cosmetic Surgery used postcards with different images of women based on areas of the body that each recipient might want to enhance with cosmetic surgery based on their lifestage (age, income, interests, etc.). […]