Tennsmith Full Line Catalog

Accurately Capturing Difficult-To-Photograph Equipment

Tennsmith’s product catalog was 25 years in the making.

The company manufactures custom equipment that cuts, folds, and fabricates sheet metal. Depending on demand, several years may elapse between production of a specific machine, so it’s critical to get marketing photography and other materials when the opportunity arises.

This isn’t easy.  The equipment is large.  The factory isn’t designed for photography.  But our team has created ways to light and shoot machines to provide the proper perspectives and parallax–critical for marketing metalworking equipment.  The photography and marketing materials have to be 100% accurate.

Our techniques not only give Tennsmith the visuals needed for its catalogs, but also for integration into online, print advertising, shows, and other marketing channels.

Tennsmith is a family owned company in McMinnville Tennessee. And makes the most rigid, high quality machinery in the industry.