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Your Communications Program Has Dozens Of Different Elements. What Happens If They Work With, Instead Of Against, Each Other?

Traditional to Digital Marketing

The principle behind Integrated Marketing is simple. But it’s not necessarily easy.

Every element of your communications with customers, employees, vendors, and other key audiences should be designed to work with each other. But way too often, mixed or incomplete messages mean that some aspects of your communications may be working against you.

For example, what happens if your brand claims to be helpful and customer oriented, but nobody can find your phone number on your website? Or if you launch a new product with a strong recycling message, but someone discovers it’s going to be several years before there are enough centers around the nation to make recycling possible?  Both small and large issues can trip up your marketing message.

That’s why our Integrated Marketing approach is so valuable. We spend the time necessary to research and understand your company and industry, so there aren’t any big, costly surprises with your marketing messages.  We also take the time to sweat the details, so you don’t spend thousands of dollars to get customers calling in–only to find that your internal sales staff hasn’t been trained to respond properly to the inquiries.

Integrated Marketing can save your company time and money. Better yet, it can make your marketing dollars have more impact and go further. And because messages in different media are all designed to work together, and integrated marketing campaign can be more quantifiable–it’s much easier to see the difference if you add, remove, or change an element of the program.

Want to see if Integrated Marketing can help your business? Spend a few minutes talking with us, and we’ll share some ideas about things you can do that will have an immediate, positive impact on your marketing communications.

That’s what happens when everything works together.

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