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Cincinnati Area MedSpa Launches Newly Branded Logo and Website

Skin Esteem website shown on desktop laptop computer and mobile phone.

After launching Skin Esteem in 2018, owner/master injector Jennifer Bleser, RN, BSN, MSN, ARNP, CRNA, was ready to fulfill a life-long dream to help others through the wonderful world of medicine. However, her love of medical aesthetics later in life would steer her to help people by increasing their confidence as a result of taking advantage of a variety of cosmetic treatment options now offered at her growing practice.

Building a business from the ground up required an immense amount of work for the full-time mom and full-time Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist. Once the business was to move to a new level of growth, Bleser turned to Colloredo & Associates to revamp her branding and develop a comprehensive medical aesthetics website. 

Colloredo specializes in digital marketing through website development, Search Engine Marketing, print and visual communications as well as innovative branding. Soon, a new logo and color scheme was born to complement the new location (opening early 2023) and usher in a fully branded website. 

“As soon as the website was launched, the phone started ringing off the wall,” recalls Bleser. “I had no idea that a website could be so powerful. It was immediate. I think so many potential clients simply wouldn’t find us before.”

The website features in-depth information covering the comprehensive approach to medical aesthetics that Skin Esteem provides to a diverse audience.

“We perform treatment options from neurotoxin injections for wrinkles such as Xeomin® and Botox® to dermal fillers and a wide range of skin tightening (Ultherapy®), facials, and soon, IV wellness and more,” explains Bleser. “Colloredo quickly had a plan in place to draft original content to market most everything we do. Bob and his team gave us an education on how we will use that info to leverage a better Skin Esteem internet presence. I was overwhelmed when their plan came to fruition and did exactly what they strategized. I really didn’t have to do more than describe my vision and passion for the business and they essentially lead the process from there.”

“Colloredo & Associates has about a 25-year history of working with local medical providers in patient recruitment,” explains Bob Colloredo, President and founder of the marketing agency. “The recent growth of medical aesthetics has made it imperative that we build the most productive and visible websites in this industry in order for newer as well as established aesthetics practices to effectively compete against the more funded competitors. It’s something we’ve engineered a unique and highly effective way of doing. And it’s paid off for our clients. We’re excited to offer this to Jennifer Bleser and her outstanding team of medical aesthetics professionals.” 

“We’re excited for the next chapter of our business,” continues Bleser. “With the new location and new treatment options coming on board as well as additional injectors and aestheticians, the one thing any business owner worries about is if we build it, will they come? They certainly are and now with the new website, I have more confidence than ever to continue to build on our vision of providing the absolute best in medical aesthetics to help men and women of most any age.

Skin Esteem is located in Northern Kentucky in a town called Fort Thomas. Cincinnati is only a 15-minute drive from their offices.