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Second only to the quality of work you provide in your business is the effectiveness of your branding. From building a logo that embodies your brand’s messaging to creating a visual voice that is carried through your website, printed pieces, and even interior design, your brand is your business.

At Colloredo & Associates we believe that you should have a hand in creating your brand so throughout our brand-building process we will discuss your business’s goals, explain our methodology behind design concepts, and show you progress sketches along the way. 

Every brand we build is tailored to the client so you can guarantee your voice is going to stand out amidst the crowd of other businesses competing for your market. Let us help your brand speak louder, submit a form request to see how we can help develop your unique brand.

What is considered company branding?
Generally speaking, any form of communications that represents your company will be considered part of your company branding. The brand is essentially a culture or an attitude that you want to be representative of the experience associated with the use of your product or service. Once you’ve established your communications in the form of a logo, color scheme, slogan, verbiage, call-to-action, visuals and just about everything that is conveyed to the public, it is known as building equity into your company’s branding. There are also outside influences on your branding. All of this goes into the value of your brand and it can be raised or lowered based on your marketing messages and your reputation in the marketplace. 

How can I create the best branding for my company?
This is an exercise that many companies do poorly due to the lack of time commitment, fatigue, money and other factors that go into building a business. Unfortunately, many companies will delay the company branding til the last minute and throw something together as a temporary fix. Then, as the years go by, those marketers continue to apologize for their branding and make excuses that it’s not what we wanted but we’re changing it. This can go on for years. Our best advice for any new or existing company is to have a brand discovery meeting. Talk about what it is that makes your products or services special. Uncover what it is that will help build your company’s profitability and what the market will better consider. Talk about color schemes, key selling points, even logos you like and dislike. Print out and spread competitor’s branding examples on a table and see how you currently fit in and make it your goal to have the very best and most appropriate branding in your market. We always like to involve a marketing professional in this exercise and don’t skimp on the quality. It is everything that represents your company where you are marketing in person or not.

What does a new logo and company branding package cost?
Generally speaking, most advertising agencies, like Colloredo & Associates, will base their pricing on an estimated number of hours to create the marketing image best for your company. Typically, our clients will pay anywhere from $2,500 to $5,000 for a new logo package which includes discovery sessions, two rounds of rough concepts and final rough ideas, then digitally drawn logo and final color scheme. Branding programs can cost additional when creating a style guide, manifesto, multiple sub brands, naming schemes, and other sometimes necessary building of the brand. In short, our recommendation is always to seek out professionals who show a track record of building strong brands and look at their work. Remember, this is the most important marketing decision made and it needs to be done the best way possible.

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