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Eye Care

It’s all about the relationships. In 1997, a new era in Ophthalmology that would change the landscape forever began with the emergence of LASIK® marketing. Following RK, Ophthalmologists now were finding that they had a premium procedure that would have the margins to be able to market externally to recruit patients profitably. 

Colloredo & Associates’ first endeavor in this arena was with a practice known as East Tennessee Eye Care. Colloredo challenged the practice to build a separate entity known as Campbell Cunningham Laser Center, built new branding and aggressively marketed to the area. The results are still being felt today as the practice continues to be a leader in East Tennessee. Solid branding and professional and consistent advertising throughout the years have continued to enable this practice to grow exponentially. Other parts of the practice evolved and it is now the largest and most comprehensive in East Tennessee. 

It all came about with doctors who were willing to invest in themselves. Colloredo only provided the marketing knowhow. Soon, our reputation garnered accounts across the country and with leading Ophthalmic manufactures along the way.