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Trade Show Booth     

Client: Nortec

Project: Trade Show Booth

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Nortec is regarded as the industry leader in the design and manufacture of Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers. While preparing for a trade show, the owner requested a booth design to show a sampling of their machines. 

The clean, modern design of this trade booth reflects the cutting-edge technology that Nortec brings to the industry and provides an eye-catching backdrop and conversation piece for clients. The product imagery also provides high-resolution reference images that can be used to aid in selling machines that are only made to order or are too large to transport.

"Trade shows are the absolute best way of companies to directly connect with their prospective customers. Remember, first impressions are always remembered. That's why we put a lot of emphasis on the big graphic and clever use of a logo and many times a slogan. Then, the salespeople can build relationships after that positive first impression."

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