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When Personality Meets Business, You Can Go a Long Way Toward Success.

Most of the time, when I meet with clients, I stress to “be yourself” and be fair in business and good things will happen. Advertising, to me, is simply a version of your personality that is put out for the public to see with a mere purpose of gaining attention. Marketing allows you to mold that attention into an energy that is harnessed to allow for business growth.

But, let’s face it, some people have a great personality that is infectious. And others struggle to make their personality productive. I think most of that is confidence. If you’re confident in what you do and what you say about what you do, you will come across as having a positive and productive personality.

Today, I introduce you to a medical aesthetics practice that exudes confidence, personality and yes, success. When Moksha Aesthetics first opened their doors in 2020, some very non-typical things happened. One, they were covered up with business. Two, they were profitable from the very get-go.

What made this happen?

For starters, their Instagram game was off the charts. Second, they are exceptional in what they do and, in fact, they train others in their business both locally and abroad to help make for a better industry. I call that personality AND confidence. They are so confident in what they do and how they handle business, that they are very comfortable in training even their competitors at what they do.

Meet injector/trainers Hanieh Khorshidi, NP-BC, MSN (@injectorhoney) and Erika Barry, NP-BC, MSN (@injectorbunny). They do the toxin injections for those who want to rid their face and parts of the body from unwanted wrinkles (OK, everybody over the age of 30!). They skilled, offer the very latest in product and have built their unique style and techniques of delivering the very safest and beautiful solutions to treating men and women. They also do the fillers to accentuate what God gave you.

Their Instagram following is strong. Very strong. Not only do they share what they do and how they do it. They share actual Before/Afters of patients nearly every day. We all dream of what you can accomplish with certain things in life, but Hanieh and Erika provide an immense amount of content to get more and more people comfortable to take the leap and dive in to cosmetic injectables.

Personality is Key.

Both Hanieh and Erika (Also known as Honey and Bunny!) share their success stories. They also write posts with a flare and it is that combination along with the confidence to be honest, up front and realistic, that has allowed their Instagram audience to grow and become incredibly loyal. People from all over the country, not just prospective clients, follow their accounts for education and entertainment. My wife here in Knoxville follows them and has even before we met them.

Colloredo & Associates is proud to be part of this incredible aesthetics practice. We are soon to take on their website and hopefully build it to the successes that they have come to expect through their social marketing and practice development. You can see all about Moksha Aesthetics and check out our very own brand new website to tout Aesthetic University.

Remember, personality and confidence. Let it ring true in ALL your marketing efforts!