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Zero Gravity Offers Plasma Pen Technology to Help Generate Collagen, Tighten Skin.

Crestview Hills, Kentucky—Zero Gravity MedSpa recently announced new Plasma Pen designed to stimulate fibroblast cells in order to lift and tighten skin in stubborn areas on the face and body. This new technology is becoming popular among adults from age 30 and older to help alleviate crow’s feet, forehead lines, acne scars, jowl lines, lines around the mouth and nose, neck lines, smoker’s or lipstick lines, stretch marks, eyelid wrinkles and loose skin on the arms or abdomen.

Zero Gravity is a full-service practice providing Medical Spa treatment options including injectable wrinkle reducers, fillers, energy treatments for the face and body, permanent makeup, and more. The MedSpa serves Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati.

Colloredo & Associates, a Knoxville Advertising Agency, is proud to partner with Zero Gravity in the MedSpa’s recent rebranding and newly-created website, social media strategy, and internal direct marketing.

“We’re excited to be part of Zero Gravity’s growth program and we’re amazed at the level of professionalism and commitment to the very best for their patient’s experience and outcomes,” explains Bob Colloredo, President of Colloredo & Associates. “We met with the owners and immediately found a synergy in their marketing philosophies and how they lined up with what we’ve always preached to medial practices, such as, cosmetic surgeons, ophthalmologists, dentists, and more. They understand the importance of medical practice marketing and work hard to have the latest in technological advancements that produce the very best in results while being extremely committed to the safety of the patient. I am very proud to have them as a client.”

Colloredo & Associates recently built a new logo and branding package for Zero Gravity.

Colloredo & Associates provides clients like Zero Gravity with a wide range of professional services, such as, strategic development, branding, website development and digital marketing programs, internal print and video communications and direct-to-patient marketing.

To learn more about Plasma Pen, contact Zero Gravity today.

Colloredo & Associates works with plastic surgeons and aesthetics practices to help change the world by helping more people find their inner beauty with facial and body cosmetic procedures. Colloredo develops marketing programs that help educate those considering life-changing procedures in order to make the most appropriate decision for them.

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