Rembco Services Catalog

Taking The Reader Underground Ask any person involved in the geotechnical services industry in the Southeast about Rembco Geotechnical Contractors, and you’ll get responses like this: “they are the best at what they do.” But demonstrating this to prospects who don’t know the company is a challenge, because it is difficult to show the company’s work.   Virtually everything Rembco does is underground, hidden from sight. So Colloredo & Associates set out to precisely illustrate what Rembco does by taking the reader below ground. A series of illustrations in the form of animations were created to show exactly what happens in specific geotechnical processes. Each of their core services (Micropiles, Compaction Grouting, Soil Nails, Rock Anchors, Sinkholes) was explained in detail in the four-color catalog, using sequenced images that follow each process step by step. Doing this allowed even prospects lacking engineering experience to understand the company’s capabilities and successes.And that provided a powerful introduction to new customers.  

Rembco Integrated Marketing Program

Integrated Marketing Allows Multiple Connections With Prospects Rembco is a geotechnical contractor that specializes in foundation support, soil stabilization and specialty grouting by performing a variety of technical services. Colloredo & Associates has helped the company by creating a number of integrated communications tools. A redesigned website explains the firm’s capabilities in detail. This is complemented by a video series, and a social media campaign. A periodic newsletter uses print and electronic distribution to keep the Rembco brand front of mind. Since Rembco’s services are often needed only when a geotechnical problem is discovered, the company must maintain an ongoing presence with its target audiences. Our integrated campaign using select, highly-effective communications tools makes this happen.

Rembco Demonstration Videos

Helping Laymen (And Engineers) Understand What Happens Underground Rembco’s capabilities in geotechnical solutions are recognized worldwide, but since much of what they do happens underground, hidden from view, it can be a challenge to help customers understand how the company can solve complicated problems.  To eliminate this obstacle, Colloredo & Associates concepted and produced a series of animations that show how Rembco’s processes work. This has been a tremendous help with non-technical audiences (who are often involved in the purchase decision). They have also been extremely popular with engineers, who use them to help convey concepts to colleagues early in the selling process. Below are some examples: Compaction Grouting Sinkhole Remediation Permeation Grouting

Perfection Group Postcard Campaign

Direct Mail In Strong Support of Salespeople It’s easy for technically-oriented companies to overcommunicate when first introducing themselves to prospects. And while a “here’s how we do it” approach works well once a conversation has been established with a potential customer, too much information can be overwhelming at first. So for Perfection Group, a design/build firm, Colloredo & Associates chose a simplified approach–a series of postcards that used slightly offbeat messages to drive home the benefits of working with Perfection Group. The campaign was based on techniques that Perfection Group salespeople had been successfully using to generate leads with simple, “break the ice” interactions. We used intriguing photography and headlines with hooks based on common industry problems. Mailers were sent in advance of cold calls, and salespeople reported that the cards helped deliver a quicker path to a relationship. Each card takes a specific focus of the business and exploits it to show the market the kinds of benefits of working with Perfection Group. Each service category has been covered and, over time, can be used in a successive mailings. Today, multiple divisions have turned to the postcard campaign to help get their salespeople in front of prospective clients. And they are finding a more receptive audience. All from a few simple postcards.