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LASIK Marketing Testimonial Video     

Client: Campbell Cunningham Laser Center

Project: Testimonial Video

If you are a physician marketing your Ophthalmology practice or any other practice, one of the challenges is creating a trust with patients who are considering a life-changing procedure. It’s a big deal and a big decision. Once your patient is in front of you, trust is much easier. But, in medical marketing, we know that trust in the eyes of the general public, is a tough nut to crack. That’s why we interject videos like these throughout our marketing programs. They are simple, affordable and project a degree of trust and first class patient care that is difficult sometimes to cultivate in the public.

Any social marketing program for medical-related procedures like Ophthalmology Marketing or Plastics, Dermatology or Dentistry, it is critically important to broadcast a degree of the patient experience that each benefactor of your procedures would get.

Whether your marketing program is medical, legal, automotive, industrial, or any type of retail, consider patient testimonials. They build a trust that you as a marketer can always use a boost. You can view this video at

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